Common Questions

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How do I make an appointment?
To make an appointment


Anytime, day or night, you can call Insight Counseling at 815.229.7102 and leave a message at the extension of the counselor with whom you would like to make an an appointment.


You can also reach each counselor directly using cell phone or text if number is listed.
Jim Parrish press 1 and then #
To schedule with Jim Parrish,  call Kathy at 815.229.7102 (ext. 0) from 1 pm to 5pm – Monday through Thursday to request an appointment.

Tim Fredrickson
press 2 and then #
Cell: 815-494-6785  (ok to text)

Kelly Kalt
press 7 and then #

Rachel Schultz
press 5 and then #
Cell: 608-313-4714 (ok to text)

Jesse Belle
press 0 and then #
Cell: 815-694-0626 (ok to text)

Stephen Beaman press 4 and then #


You can email Insight Counseling  and request an appointment.

Do the counselors at Insight Counseling take medical insurance?

Yes, all the counselors take medical insurance. However, we cannot not accept Medicaid, nor the medical card issued by the state of Illinois.

Each counselor is covered by a variety of different plans. The easiest way to find out which counselor is covered by your insurance is to go to the website listed on the back of your insurance card and find the names of network providers. You can also call the phone number for customer service on the back of your insurance card.  Please note that often there is a separate phone number for behavioral health or substance abuse issues.
Do the counselors at Insight Counseling ever offer a sliding fee scale or reduced fees?

Yes, on a case by case basis all of the counselors offer reduced fees. Please discuss this with your counselor while making your first appointment.

How much does all of this cost?

Due to varying levels of education, experience and specialty, each provider sets their own rates. In general, a session of therapy can cost between $90 to $180 per hour. However, in most cases, the vast majority of these fees are covered by medical insurance.

Can the counselors at Insight Counseling prescribe medication?
No. The counselors at Insight are all trained in the clinical practice of therapy. Medications are only prescribed by medical physicians.
The counselors at Insight Counseling do have established, professional relationships with medical physicians whom they trust to prescribe medications.
Who are the counselors at Insight Counseling and what are their specialties?

Please visit the Bios sections of this website for further information on each counselor.

How do I reach a counselor by phone?
If you would like to reach a counselor by phone please call (815) 229-7102.


Please dial the correlating extension number to reach a counselor and/or staff member.


Feel free to text or call any cell phone numbers listed for the therapist.


  • Receptionist: 0#
  • Dr. Jim Parrish: 1#
  • Tim Fredrickson: 2#
    Cell: 815-494-6785 (ok to text)
  • Kelly Kalt: 7#
  • Rachel Schultz: 5#
    Cell: 608-313-4714 (ok to text)
  • Jesse Belle: 0#
    Cell: 815-694-0626 (ok to text)
  • Stephen Beaman: 4#

Appointment hours are available Monday through Saturday.
Please Contact Us to schedule an appointment  815-229-7102